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  • Trainings by FDB
FDB organized a Workshop in Multan on 3 Dec 2020 to discuss the prospects and potential of Fresh Water Fish Export from Pakistan
15th meeting of Human Resource & Nomination Committee of FDB held on 10 December 2020.
Trainings under Pilot Shrimp Farming Project and Cageculture Cluster Development Project are being scheduled in Jan 2021
34th meeting of Board of Directors of FDB held on 15th January 2021
Workshop on the Development of Coastal Aquaculture was held on 27th January 2021 at Karachi
17th meeting of Human Resource & Nomination Committee was held on 25th February 2021
16th meeting of Audit, Finance & Risk Committee was held on 1st March 2021
3rd meeting of Procurement Committee was held on 1st March 2021


Fisheries Development Board (FDB) was established in 2007 as Public Sector Company under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. As per Article of Association, FDB is being governed by 15 Board of Directors. Currently, FDB is working under the administrative control of Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

Over recent years, the fisheries and aquaculture sectors have been gaining an increasing importance in the development policies of the country. To address the impeding fisheries, development, the then Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock in collaboration with the all stakeholders had prepared the National Fisheries Policy (NFP). During the consultation process with the stakeholders for the preparation of the policy, it was revealed that the country’s fisheries resources are not being exploited optimally. The policy greatly emphasized on the aquaculture and shrimp farming development in the country through establishment of model farms and markets. In light of NFP and dire need to promote and develop the most negligible sector of fisheries and aquaculture, Fisheries Development Board (FDB) was established in 2007…More


Since, incorporation of FDB, it has achieved several landmarks and transform the aquaculture system in the country. Highlights of some achievements are >>>>>>Summary of Success and Potential