Closing Ceremony of Second Training Program of Shrimp Farmers. (22 November to 6th December 2021, Karachi, Sindh) under “Pilot Shrimp farming Cluster Development Project” Prime Minister’s Agriculture Emergency program, organized by Fisheries Development Board, Ministry of National Food Security and Research Islamabad.

Training on Cage Fish Farming Technology

2nd Training in progress at Fisheries Research & Training Institute (FR&TI), Manawan, G.T. Road, Lahore

Training on Cage Fish Farming Technology

1st Farmer Training at Islamabad from 29th November to 13th December 2021.

Schedule of Training Program under Cage Culture Cluster Development Project for FY 2021-22

Message on World Fisheries Day

World Fisheries Day is celebrated by Fishermen and the people who care for them all over. They highlight the role played by small-scale fisheries in providing livelihoods and income to millions of people. On this day exhibitions, meetings, cultural events, rallies, and workshops are organized to highlight the importance of fish and fishers and proper Message on World Fisheries Day

Milkfish Culture in Brackish water ponds (Pakistan)

Milkfish are euryhaline; suitable for farming in freshwater, brackish water, or seawater. Milkfish are omnivores and largely rely on phytoplankton Although they can grow up to 3 kg, they are generally harvested at around 300-800 grams. Fisheries Development Board MNFS&R has conducted an experiment to culture milkfish. Milkfish reared in a brackish water-intensive system achieved Milkfish Culture in Brackish water ponds (Pakistan)

Status of Aquaculture

Tilapia the Wonder Fish

GIFT Tilapia (Mono-Sex) introduced by the Fisheries Development Board earlier in 2011 is the only introduced fish species that has pushed the aquaculture industry to not only on modern lines but also provided the basis and way forward for the development of intensive fish farming in Pakistan.

Training on Shrimp Farming at Karachi

First training on shrimp farming by Fisheries Development Board was held from 20 Sep 2021 to 29 Sept 2021 at Karachi.

Training Admission Form

New Admission Form (Shrimp Training) Download New Admission Form (Cage Training) Download Please fill up this form and send to following address: Fisheries Development Board, Fisheries & Livestock Complex, Gate No.2, National Agricultural Research Center, Islamabad.