Fisheries Development Board?

Pakistan is endowed with vast aquatic resources as indicated below that include freshwater, brackish water and marine resources. These resources could be utilized for aquaculture development as long as economically efficient and environmentally sustainable. Despite of its endowment in natural resources, Pakistan ranks 28th amongst fishing nations in terms of production and 50th in terms of export earnings. Since 1998, overall fish production in Pakistan has been decreasing at the rate of 2% per annum, mainly due to decline in marine capture.

Area in Hectares Sindh Punjab Baluchistan KPK Total
Rivers / Streams 160,000 2,940,000 2,408 3,102,408
Canals & Drains 321,340 23,700 1,763 346,803
Lakes 110,000 6,700 4,047 6,362 127,109
Dams/Reservoirs 97,000 65,800 6,070 26,800 195,670
Waterlogged Areas 3,000,000 30,000 1,600 3,031,600
Deltaic Area 700,000 700,000
Flood Water Area 1,000,000 1,000,000
Fish Farms 49,170 10,400 100 560 60,230
Marine Waters (Km) 352 x 12 NM 768 x 12 NM 1120 x 12 NM

Over recent years, the fisheries and aquaculture sectors have been gaining an increasing importance in the development policies of the country. To address the impeding fisheries, development, the then Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock in collaboration with the all stakeholders had prepared the National Fisheries Policy (NFP). During the consultation process with the stakeholders for the preparation of the policy, it was revealed that the country’s fisheries resources are not being exploited optimally. The policy greatly emphasized on the aquaculture and shrimp farming development in the country through establishment of model farms and markets. In light of NFP and dire need to promote and develop the most negligible sector of fisheries and aquaculture, Fisheries Development Board (FDB) was established in 2007.

FDB has been conceived to boost up the development of Fisheries sector with particular reference to provide and maintain a platform for enhancing and promoting fisheries sector in Pakistan. The platform of FDB enable the fishermen community, professionals and intermediaries to discuss issues of common interest, overcome problems through transfer of technology suitable to local environment, initiate development programs, promote regional and global integration and to undertake activities for the betterment of the whole sector.

A Reliable, Professional Team with the Experience You Need

FDB is being operated by highly qualified & skilled management having sufficient core employees and a number of fisheries expert having Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degrees are on board. Mr. Faisal Iftikhar led FDB as Chief Executive Officer, ensuring control & command and support for the fish farmers and other stakeholders.

Following departments under FDB are working for the best results delivery in the fishery sector:

  1. Audit and Accounts Department
  2. HR and Administration Department
  3. Technical Department
  4. Planning & Coordination Department
  5. Research & Development Department