You plan a fishery project in this day and age—regardless of whether that project volume —you can find yourself confused with an overwhelming sense of responsibility:

  • Can I make it happen
  • Can I stay within budget and still get the high production, technology used and quality of workmanship I need?
  • Will my decision today have an impact on tomorrow?
  • Am I achieving a healthy balance between fish production and marketing?
  • Will my project bring kudos or criticism?

It doesn’t seem to matter how much progress we make, the demands to do more with less and to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint are ever increasing. These pressures can make planning the simplest renovation a daunting task, let alone a full-scale building project.

FDB started researching suitable alternatives to the standard building resources some eight years ago in response to low fish production, traditional way of farm management, no stocking of high value species like pangasius & tilapia and pelleted fish feed non-availability. Originally with the introduction of tilapia, fish farmers across the country quickly picked up on the high production, bent of the fish business and started asking about other possible ways and technology that might increase their fish production.


FDB is serving as a bridge between the Public and the Private Sector. FDB is focusing on the following areas:

  1. Coordination of national and provincial activities with regard to aquaculture and shrimp farming.
  2. Promotion of investment in aquaculture and shrimp farming.
  3. Promote joint ventures between foreign and local investors in the fisheries sector.
  4. Creation of enabling environment in collaboration with Government.
  5. Enforcement of quality management and establishment of regulatory framework for the promotion of fisheries sector.
  6. Preparation and implementation of awareness and capacity building plans for public and private sector for fisheries sector development.
  7. Development of market infrastructure and improvement of marketing of fisheries products.
  8. Explore and enable export markets for Pakistani fisheries products.