Donation of High Value Fish Seed (Pangasius and Tilapia)

Fisheries Development Board had received donation of 100,000 fish seed of high value fish species (Pangasius and Tilapia) which was distributed to private fish farmers at Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan freely for research and experiment purpose during the winter season. In this regard, services of Dr. Naeem from BZU, Multan and Dr. NaeemNarejo from Jamshero University had been acquired to conduct study on these species.



The Board, at present, is involved in introduction modern aquaculture technology in the country such as cage culture which is being carried in all four provinces and in AJK. High yielding species including red tilapia is introduced through this system. The Board for the first time introduced through pond culture of Pegasus in Pakistan. This species is known for its survival in poor quality waters and now gaining popularity world over.

The Board has initiated a number of programs for Human Resource Development in aquaculture and fisheries sector:

  1. Fresh graduates holding degree in fisheries & Aquaculture are given internship in FDB. The internees are appointed on farms / field duty. After completion of their training services of these provided to progressive farmers and other departments / institutes.
  2. 19 people were intensively trained in the field of shrimp hatchery management
  3. A one day seminar on potential of Aquaculture and shrimp farming in Sindh province
  4. A workshop Freshwater Fish Cage Culture in Pakistan at Mirpur, AJK
  5. A workshop on ‘Advancement in Aquaculture technologies in Pakistan Perspectives’ in Karachi
  6. Co-sponsored with Infofish, FAO and CFC.
  7. a workshop on organic Aquaculture held in Karachi
  8. Inception report has been received from M/s Arch Vision for Designing of Demonstration Shrimp Farm
  9. A national seminar on Policy and strategy for fisheries development in new decade 2011-2020 was held at Karachi in 2010
  10. Co-sponsored Seminar on “Save our Seas” with PAKFEA was held
  11. Training course on cage culture fish farm operations and management was held at Mirpur, AJK
  12. one of the expert of FDB visited on the request of Sind Fishery Department and supported in the training program on Cage and Pen Fish Culture under BISP (Benazir Bhutto Income Support Program) and 13 Fishermen Association were formed in their villages for launching cage and pen culture program.