Establishment of Trout Cage Farming in Gilgit Biltistan Areas

  1. Cost Rs. 56.030 Million
  2. Approved by: DDWP in Jan 2015
  3. Activities started: July 2017
  4. Executed by: Fisheries Development Board
  5. Sponsor: Ministry of National Food Security & Research
  6. Location: Gilgit Biltistan
  7. Period: 03 Years

Project component includes:

Overall development objective of the project is to increase incomes on sustainable basis of por rural men and women in Gilgit Biltistan areas. The immediate project objectives are:

  1. Technology transfer through demonstration and establishment of trout cage farm, feed formulation and preparation at farm level, development of cold chain and standardization of marketing practices.
  2. Build the capacity of poor men and women to initiate the enterprise or improve productivity of ongoing trout farming and marketing activities in Gilgit Biltistan area.
  3. Support livelihood and food security for local people of Gilgit Biltistan areas.
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