Penculture of Grouper and Seabass in Sindh and Balochistan

  1. Cost Rs. 96.0 Million
  2. Approved by: EDF in Jan 2015
  3. Activities started: July 2017
  4. Executed by: Fisheries Development Board
  5. Sponsor: Ministry of Commerce
  6. Location: Sindh & Balochistan
  7. Period: 01 Years

Project component includes:

The project has been designed to promote sea farming near coastal are of Pakistan which is 1100 km in length and have no coastal aquaculture. The immediate project objectives are:

  • Promotion of fisheries sector though private sector investment in high value aquaculture and farming systems.
  • Establishment of cluster of pen fish farm at suitable sites along the coast of Sindh.
  • Establishment and start of coastal aquaculture for the optimum utilization of resources.
  • Poverty alleviation and capacity building of the fisher fold involved in fish, fish production, handling storage, transportation and marketing.
  • Supply raw material to fish processing industry of Pakistan to realize export potential which is more than one Billion USD.
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