Shrimp Farming Cluster Development to Enhance Supply of Raw Material for Seafood Industry in Pakistan

  • Funded by Export Development Fund (EDF), Ministry of Commerce
  • Total Cost: Rs. 471.359 Million

Scope of Project:

  • Establishment of 33 cluster farms with total area of 1000 Acre. Each cluster farm will consist of 12 ponds of 2.5 acre each.
  • 18 Cluster farms will be reserved for large entrepreneurs and 15 cluster farms for small scale shrimp farmers.
  • Private sector entrepreneurs will be selected on given criteria on open merit basis for commercial operation of cluster farms.
  • Private sector small scale shrimp farmers will be selected on given criteria on open merit basis for operation of cluster farms on contract farming basis facilitated by Fisheries Development Board.
  • Area development, topographic survey, soil and water investigation, development of master plan for 1000 acre land.
  • Development of inlet and outlet water channels, establishment of Project Manager Office and 33 office rooms for shrimp farmers (one room for each farmer).
  • Establishment of laboratory at site.
  • Training and technical backstopping for operation and maintenance of shrimp farms.

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