Procurement of Tilapia Fish Seed

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Fisheries Development Board is promoting Tilapia (GiFT) fish farming in Pakistan to enhance per acre production of fish from 1.5 ton to 5.0 ton per acre. For this purpose a number of successful experiments has been done and promising results obtained. An open day was also arranged near Lahore for demonstration of Tilapia production, a large number of farmers from Punjab participated and expressed willingness for culturing Tilapia after having evident of 4 ton / acre production at Ch. Nabeel Farm. Over 400,000 Tilapia fish seed has been demanded in Punjab for which Fisheries Development Board has floated tender for procurement of Tilapia. All fish farmers are invited to become the part of this success story. Please contact Mr. Junaid Wattoo, Company Secretary for this purpose. 051-9230352, 03009896497

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