Training of Trainers under Cage Project

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  • Avatar IMRAN JOKHIO (Trainer Fisheries) Sindh Pakistan says:

    Fisheries Development Board plays an important role for the development of Fisheries sector in Pakistan.
    We have learnt alot during TOT held at Islamabad under Cage Culture Cluster Development project. DR Safia Mushtaq Project Director plays an key role for the establishment of cages on large scale 1st time in Pakistan and also Specially thanks to Dr Naveed Ahmed Abro Assistant Director Trainings who facilitate us during TOT. And also thanks to Mr Muhammad Junaid Watto sb Chief Technical Officer FDB Who give us very good environment and khowledge during TOT.

  • Avatar Maria Kousar says:

    Fisheries Development Board has arranged a ToT program under Cage Culture Cluster Development Project. It’s a great opportunity for us to join via a recommendation from BBSHRRDB panel. Great opportunity to learnt about the current senario of Aquaculture, training method was satisfactory and meet with experts of fisheries who came from all over Pakistan. My special thanks goes to Dr. Safia Mushtaq (PD) & Sir Muhammad Junaid Wattoo (CTO) for arranged such a knowledgeable training in a fruitful environment. I’m also thankful to Dr. Naveed Ahmed Abro (A.D) Training for the facilitation during training. Here, I’m requesting that kindly conduct more trainings like this in future. Once again thank you for all team members of Fisheries Development Board (FDB)

  • Avatar Abdul wahab says:

    Dear sir ‘ FDB for training programme i have read daily Express advertisrment i have intrested F DB training course i apply for training .


  • Avatar Sheeza Arif says:

    It seems intersting to me so i want to join it

  • Avatar Muhammad hashir Zubair says:

    I am intrested to start my own buisnes. But i dont havr good enough resources.

  • Avatar Abdul qadir khokhar says:

    I have love to learn the cage and shrimp farming
    Looking forward to involve jazakallah

  • Avatar Muhammad zohaib says:

    I want the cage culture training

  • Avatar Muhammad zohaib says:

    I am working in fishries sector and i want this training for job

  • Avatar Syed Kamran Rizvi says:

    I am interested learn shrimp farming and fish farming

  • اسلام و علیکم

    جناب کی توجہ اس طرف کرونا چاھوں گا کہ اس ویب سائیڈ پر سب معلومات انگلش میں ھین ۔اگر ھمارے سب فارمر انگلش نہیں سمجھ سکتے ۔اس لئے اس کو اردو میں کیا جائے۔
    نوازش ھو گی

  • Avatar Muhammad Zohaib says:

    I am Muhammad Zohaib working as a lecturer in Zoology. Recently saw a post about this training on social media. it’s a big step for the development of the fisheries department. i am also want to join this useful training season.

  • Greetings,
    First of all I would like to thank you the Govt to take a positive decision in order to introduce modern farming in Pakistan. I am an overseas Pakistani, living in Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA and now I am planning to be involve in this farming path for that I am trying to come back to my home country so I can become a part of advance farming in Pakistan.
    My request is to please support us and involve us in upcoming Biofloc training(s) in above regard. I have heard about the subsidy can be provided from Govt to new farmers please advise me the feasibility studies of Biofloc farming and what type of support we can have from our government.
    Thank you very much.

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