Message on World Fisheries Day

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World Fisheries Day is celebrated by Fishermen and the people who care for them all over. They highlight the role played by small-scale fisheries in providing livelihoods and income to millions of people. On this day exhibitions, meetings, cultural events, rallies, and workshops are organized to highlight the importance of fish and fishers and proper and scientific management of fish stocks in the natural environment.

Fish is the last wild animal, and our Fish stocks are facing a lot of fishing pressure and depleting fast. The main reason is unsustainable fishing practices and the use of illegal fishing nets. Educating every fisherman of the various ways of fishing will help reduce the harm done to the aquatic ecosystem. Let us start on world fisheries day.

Under the Prime Minister’s National Agriculture Emergency Program, the Fisheries Development Board is making efforts to create alternate livelihood opportunities for fisherfolk and fish farmers by promoting aquaculture activities all over Pakistan. FDB has started initiatives for the promotion of trout farming, shrimp farming, and fish cage culture. Incentives are being provided in the form of farm development support, cage installation support, and provision of trainings to potential farmers.

Let’s join FDB for aquaculture development in Pakistan to provide our people the nutritious food and livelihood opportunities and provide the surplus raw material for our seafood export industry.

Happy world fisheries day.

Muhammad Junaid Wattoo

CEO, Fisheries Development Board

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