Pilot Shrimp Farming Cluster Development Project


Project Gestation Period: 5 Years (2019-24)
Project Cost: Rs. 6381.86 Million
Federal Share: Rs. 1350.33 Million
Punjab Share: Rs. 2647.025 Million
Sindh Province: Rs. 575.00 Million
PublicSub-Total: Rs. 4572.36Million
Private sector share: Rs. 1809.50 Million
Shrimp farming is a profitable aquaculture enterprise. The development of shrimp culture during the past 15-20 years has attracted farming communities worldwide and has created mass awareness among the people about the potential of shrimp aquaculture for earning a livelihood and for generating cash surplus. Under this project, an area of 3500 acres will be developed/converted into shrimp ponds, for the promotion of shrimp culture in saline areas of Pakistan. A multipurpose hatchery, to provide shrimp seed to private fish farms will be established at a suitable site along the coast of Balochistan. A Research and Development Centre will be established in the cluster areas to provide R & D support to the farming community. Training will be imparted to 1570 people, interested in shrimp farming.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Promotion of shrimp aquaculture in inland areas.
  2. Development of shrimp value chain, support services and legal framework.
  3. Livelihood and job creation for rural people.
  4. Export earnings from inland aquaculture.

Scope of the Project:

  1. Establishment of Hatcheries: one multipurpose hatchery complex will be established in the public sector, along Balochistan Coast by the Federal Government.
  2. Establishment of Model Shrimp Farm: A model demonstration shrimp farm of 15 acres will be established by Federal Government in Punjab.
  3. Training for human resource development: 1570 people will be trained by Federal Government.
  4. Establishment of a Saline Aquaculture Research Center in South Punjab by Punjab Province.
  5. Establishment of PMU at FDB and Provincial PIB by DoF Punjab and Sindh.
  6. Incentives for shrimp pond development: 3500 Acres (Sindh 1000 and Punjab 2500 acres)
  7. Establishment of shrimp hatcheries in the private sector: 02 (private sector)
  8. Establishment of shrimp/fish feed mills in the private sector: 3 (2 Punjab and 1 Sindh)
  9. Establishment of shrimp/fish processing centers in the private sector: 02 (Punjab)

Expected Project Outcome after Completion:

Annual production of shrimp for export: 10500 Tons
Annual Foreign Exchange Earnings: 7.800 Billion PKR
Employment Generation (Direct & Indirect): 3500 persons
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